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At American Wild Magazine we are blessed with talented writers who share our passion for outdoor adventures, recreation and exploring. Whether on assignment in the field or storytelling from a weekend excursion, we curate the most dynamic and informative reports and present them to you. 

American Wild Magazine welcomes pitches and speculative submissions for all editorial departments but will take no responsibility for them. 

Send us researched, original ideas from current events to prolific characters to unique destinations. We are always looking for Feature ideas, as well as Destination stories. To be considered, all Feature Editorial submissions should include high-resolution, professional-quality photography to support the article. We purchase editorial submissions in text/photo packages. In cases where photography is not included with editorial, or not to acceptable standard, offers for payment will reflect the need to add photography or may be rejected altogether.

In cases where submissions do not meet our editorial standards, we reserve the right to pay less, edit or reject it all together. All editorial submissions should be emailed to Publisher@AmericanWildMagazine.com with subject "Editorial Submission". 

Accepted submissions are subject to our Agreement and Limited License for Use.

American Wild Magazine reserves the right to alter, change or revise these terms at its sole discretion with or without notice.

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Outstanding Photography captured throughout the American Wild is a hallmark of our magazine and our brand. We search for and scrutinize thousands of images to find the most exciting and visually dynamic photos of our open spaces and wild places. If you feel you have photography that meets our high standards and would like to inquire about potential use in our magazine and/or related offerings please contact us.  All accepted submissions receive full publishing credit.


Gear Reviews

The only thing better than investing in awesome new gear for your outdoor adventures is the benefit of reading an honest, third-party review beforehand. American Wild Magazine routinely tests products and gear in real-world, outdoor conditions and returns a detailed evaluation and recommendation to our readers based on quality, performance and durability rated against price. Our featured Gear of the Year editorial is a highly anticipated roundup of some of the most highly sought after products on the market. If you are a manufacturer, dealer or distributer of outdoor gear of any type or segment and would like to subject your product to our review process including published results, please contact us